Toxic-Free House Cleaning Tips

Did you know you can perfectly clean your house without such chemicals as bleach? There’s a number of natural components that you can combine and get effective cleaning solutions that are smell good unlike harsh smells of chemicals. Furthermore, these solutions are proved doing better job at cleaning than some of those from shops.

Make Your Own Disinfectant

Let’s start with disinfecting floors and surfaces. Stick some lemon peels in a jar first. Pour some undiluted white vinegar in it and leave it for a few weeks (yes, this takes time). What will happen inside is lemon peels will share its’ cleaning abilities with the vinegar. And a good smell too. The solution should be diluted with a little water and then, joust pour it into a basket and it’s ready to use.

Make Your Own Disinfectant Oven Cleaner

Ovens are one of the hardest places to clean. Why? Because most of the time we avoid cleaning them and when we finally decide to do that, what we see inside is a layer of aged grease. What will do a good job with oven is baking soda mixed with water. A combination will give you a paste-like solution that you need to spread allover the dirty parts of your oven, give it couple hours and clean later for a good result.

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Make Your Own Garbage Disposal Cleaner

We all now that terrible smell that comes out of the garbage disposal. Food and water start to give off an unbearable odours. To get rid of it just stick a half of a lemon right into the disposal for 10 seconds and have the water running. Another option to fix the smell is to pour white vinegar mixed with baking soda down there, give it 10 minutes and it’s ready to be washed away.

Make Your Own Shower Cleaner

When you see your shower head getting dirty and clogged with lime here’s the solution for it – immerse it right into the jar filled with white vinegar for several hours. Take it off and all that residue gone and your shower head is clean and sparkling again.

Make Your Own Dishwasher Cleaner

Dishwashers are good at what they do, but don’t forget they need some cleaning too. In order to get rid of all the residue in the machine you’ll need some white vinegar again. Put two cups right into the machine and start a hot cycle for an hour so the machine would clean itself.

Make Your Own Toilet Cleaner

None of us wants to put their hands into a toilet. Even in gloves. That’s what a good old combination of baking soda and white vinegar for. First off, pour a cup of soda right into the bowl. An hour later add the same amount of white vinegar and give it 10 minutes. After that just flush it all down and have a clean toilet again.

Anastasia Fetter

Anastasia Fetter