You're Gonna be Hungry After This Article

What are those? Those are food blogs, that are extremely beautiful, pleasing, satisfying, and make us hungry.

Alison Roman

Brooklyn based, Alison Roman is a two bestsellers’ author (one is Nothing Fancy and the other called Dining In) and a writer for the NYT cooking column.

First of all, Roman is known for her being a big foodie. That’s, for the most part, what people are following her social media for – her Instagram page counts more than 500 thousand followers, plus she has at least a couple of recipes (for Stew and Cookies) that went viral.

Roman’s cooking tactic is simple: she listens to her own hunger and appetite and lets it point at what to make at the given time. It is important for Roman to provide different kinds of dishes but she also keeps the ingredients’ accessibility in mind.

Sara Forte

Married couple Hugh and Sara Forte blog about recipes that use predominantly seasonal farm produce. The couple has two children – the main connoisseurs of mother’s delights in the kitchen. The site contains step-by-step instructions, special attention is paid to breakfasts – there are many of them. Whether it’s homemade granola or quinoa, zucchini, and greens pancake, it’s up to you. In 2012, the Forte family even released a cookbook that contains vegetarian recipes.

Sarah Gim

An Instagram and blog with a beautiful name The Delicious Life are hosted by Sara Jay Gim, who calls for “eating beautifully every day.” Her Instagram is not just a collection of recipes, it is whole compositions in the best traditions of the Dutch still life. If you are planning to surprise a large company in the near future, be sure to drop by Sarah – she has many recipes for the so-called meeting board.


Heathy fellows, vegetarians, and dieters – feel free to scroll through the following blog. The rest of those who want to get a gastronomic orgasm – enjoy. Tiered ice creams of different colors, decorated with cookies and sweets, pizza with spreading cheese, incredible burgers and sandwiches, fries, tortillas, and other junk food we love so much. Of course, we do not advise you to eat this every day, but you are always welcome to enjoy and drool.

Mia Swinehart

A Chicago blogger shares the secrets of American, Italian, and Japanese cuisine. If milk – then coconut, if pasta – then hard varieties, if bread – then grain. Minimum salt and sugar, maximum benefit.

Linda Lomelino

linda_lomelino is the blog of Swedish photographer Linda Lomelino. Her photographs captivate with vintage processing, giving the photographs the coziness of country estates.

Anastasia Fetter

Anastasia Fetter