Cutest Instagram Accounts Ever


Mr. Pokee, an African pygmy hedgehog, is four years old. He lives in Germany and often travels the world with his hostess, student Lita. The girl created a page in 2015 to share with her friends the joy that her pet brings to her. In the account of the prickly blogger, you can see pictures from Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and France. Many users of the social network admitted that they envy the hedgehog and dream of the same rich and interesting life. Mr. Pokee has little colorful socks, a favorite plush toy, 1.2 million subscribers, and his own online store. There you can buy Christmas cards, calendars, and sweaters with his image.


The domesticated fox Juniper lives in a warm house and sleeps on a large soft bed. She loves to eat socks, ride a car, play catch-up and have fun with the dog named Mus. From time to time, Juniper builds his “dream home” under the bed of the owner Jessica Cocker. Besides, the fox is often practiced in painting. June’s paw paintings sell out instantly on her website. Last spring, Jessica Cocker released a book called Juniper – The Happiest Fox. In it, a woman shares interesting details about life with an unusual pet. Jessica took the fox to her home when she was only five weeks old. According to the owner, Juniper grew up very wayward, playful, and restless.


Mr. Baggle is a mosaic chinchilla from Southern California. He loves dried rose hips and lives in a spacious three-story cage that the owner never closes. This allows the animal to travel freely around the house at any time. Looking at the photos of this “donut”, it is difficult to restrain a smile. At the same time, Mr. Bagel not only entertains 107 thousand subscribers but also actively fights for the rights of his relatives. Together with his adoptive “father”, he promotes the rejection of fur clothing and testing cosmetics on animals. Besides, the animal helps shelters, is filmed for advertising dollhouses, and promotes cartoons. And his online store sells stylish clothes and branded mugs.


Red-haired Smoothie with big emerald eyes has won the love of 1.7 million fans. It’s all about her amazing photogenicity: Smoothie is good at any time of the day, at any angle and color. It is not surprising that she often appears for glossy magazines, becomes the heroine of paintings, and represents famous brands of pet supplies. The fluffy beauty lives in England and shares the roof with her lover – a long-haired Briton named Milkshake. By the way, he also has his own account. The feline family posts daily footage and even runs a joint video channel on YouTube. Otherwise, Smoothie is not much different from his other brethren. She sleeps a lot, hunts for the Christmas tree, and loves to get into small boxes.


Another Instagram star is Pumpkin the raccoon, who seriously considers herself a dog. Five years ago, a resident of the Bahamas Rose Kemp discovered her in the backyard of her house. A month-old puppy fell from a tree and injured his paw, and the woman could not walk by and took him into her care. The Pumpkin quickly fascinated not only people. The Rose family already had two shelter dogs. It was they who became the best friends and educators of the wild animal. Pumpkin has adopted many habits from Toffee and Oreo. Today, @pumpkintheraccoon has 1.5 million subscribers. In it, daughter Rose Kemp not only publishes funny pictures of her pets but also tries to draw attention to the problem of stray animals.


Australian Parrot Jack is native to Brazil. He often poses for his photographer-owner in the most incredible images. The imposing bird is shot in close-up against a light gray background, which emphasizes its bright and memorable appearance. Of the additional attributes, the parrot has miniature skateboards, soccer balls, chairs, and many fresh flowers at its disposal. New posts on Jack’s page appear infrequently, but each of his “portraits” is done with taste. In order not to distract the eye from the brilliant works of the creative duo, most of the pictures were published without signatures. And yet Jack’s audience is not too large yet. But his professional portfolio will be the envy of many models.

Anastasia Fetter

Anastasia Fetter