"Use Filters, They Will Make You Look Better" They Said. So This Man Did

Some people, if not many, are so used to dating services, websites and apps that it’s hard to imagine someone who’s never tried one. But, believe it or not, there are people with no prior experience in using the Internet for dating. Like Glenn Embry. Once he decided to try online dating services for himself, he was immediately advised to use filters. “Use filters, they will make you look better” he was told.

Image via Facebook

He didn’t take it too seriously and decided to put some fun it, “I was told that if I wanted to attract women, I need to use filters in my photos. I found it a little weird but thought this is how things go in all this online dating thing. So I picked some filters, made pictures using them, and now I’m waiting for my inbox to blow up,” he said on Facebook.

Pretty soon his pictures got more likes and reposts than he would expect. The literal way he took the filter advice makes everybody laugh – Mr. Embry posted pictures of him holding filters. That’s right, he’s holding coffee filters, filter from the lawnmower, and vacuum cleaner filter.

His filter posts have gained almost 40K of reactions, more than 10 thousand comments, and more than 100K shares. Check them out and maybe give it some funny comment too.