Venice Film Festival To Go As Planned

The Venice Film Festival is going to take place starting September 2. It’s worth knowing that 77th Venice Film Festival will present less films than usual, due to many productions being frozen. The lineup is to be announced at the end of July.

The head of the Veneto region, Luca Zaia, said that the Venice Festival will be held, as always, in September. At the same time, the Biennale of Architecture, which was supposed to take place in parallel with the film festival, was postponed to 2021. Zaya explained the postponement of the Biennale by the fact that in today’s conditions they will not have time to build the necessary pavilions. The film festival will take place on the usual dates, from the second to the twelfth of September, but, possibly, with fewer films in the program.

In May, the organizers of the festival interviewed representatives of the film industry, learned about their fears, wishes, and desire to participate. Based on the results of this survey, the management decided to still conduct the event, while observing the necessary safety measures. Earlier in Venice, they noted that they will definitely not switch to the online format, but they will provide the opportunity to watch the premieres online for those who are accredited but cannot come. In January, it became known that actress Cate Blanchett would be the chairman of the jury for the 2020 film festival.

Italy is gradually emerging from quarantine and will open its borders to tourists from Europe on June 3. Now the country is in sixth place in the world ranking in terms of the number of detected cases of COVID-19: since the beginning of the pandemic, there have been 229 thousand cases of the disease, 140 thousand recoveries, and 32 thousand deaths.

Last year, 21 directors were selected for the 76th Venice Festival. There are only two women among them. Haifa al-Mansour from Saudi Arabia will present her film “Ideal Candidate” and Shannon Murphy will debut with the film “Milk Tooth”.

In a sense, this is unconditional progress, because two women are twice as many as in the past and the year before last. But the comparison with other festivals will not be in favor of the Venetian one: in Cannes last year there were four women, and in Berlinale.

Social networks are actively expressing dissatisfaction with the fact that, with such a gender imbalance, Roman Polanski, who has been repeatedly accused of raping minors, was among the invited directors. Melissa Silverstein, the founder of the Women & Hollywood Campaign, tweeted: “1 rapist. 2 directors at # Venezia76. What am I still missing? “

Anastasia Fetter

Anastasia Fetter