Rob Kenney’s father left their family when Rob was 14, so he had to figure the rest of his questions about life alone. Today Rob Kenney is a father of two grown kids and at some point an idea to start making tutorials on basic tasks struck his mind. Tasks that parents should teach their kids.

It took Rob some time before he realized the actual idea. When lockdown started, he, with the help of his family finally started a channel called ‘Dad, How Do I?’Since then he gained more than 2 million subscribers and his first upload about tying a tie has more than 700K views.

The channel’s description reads “Practical ‘Dadvice’ for everyday tasks” and if perfect for the material represented on it. Having so much of positive feedback after posting his first video, Kenney posted more videos on how to properly shave, iron your clothes, maintain a car or unclog a sink. A lot of really useful stuff for those who’s never dealt with those kind of things.

Actually, the information he provides will be of use for everybody – once in a while we all have a flat tire or something, right?