Watch This Perfect Journey’s “Separate Ways” Remake From The Hellers

Most of the people find quarantine and its isolation a horrible, torturing and boring experience, but the Hellers definitely know what to do with all that spare time. They literally recreated “Separate Ways” from Journeys – a 1983 hit and did it with such a precision that we couldn’t believe our eyes.

Mother, Jana Heller, was the first one to bring up the idea to her husband Steve. But Steve wasn’t that optimistic about recreating the whole music video until he saw the original.

The two asked their kids Asher, Violet, Jackson and Lilly to play the rest of the band and they jumped in right away – no convincing needed. Kids found the opportunity really fun.

“We wanted to create a memory to last. The one that we would, in 10 years remember and say “Do you remember how much fun it was to make that video while on quarantine?,’” said Steven.

The family’s remake is so good it doesn’t even feel like a copy of something.

Check the two below and compare them yourself.