When The Color Kicks In: Serge Gay Jr. Makes Art That Really Hits

Art is an amazing tool that tells us of what was and what currently is, going along with culture, shaping it, and showing how we interact with the world. And Serge Gay Jr. seems to know how it all works. Coming from Haiti, he collects and carries every aspect of different cultures he could capture while visiting all the places he’s been to.

He is a Grammy-nominated visual artist and creative director based in San Francisco, CA. Being a third-generation artist, Serge has always had this flow of creativity in his mind. “I adopted the painting before I adopted English”, says the artist. Serge studied at the College for Creative Studies in Detroit where he polished up his illustrative skills and started forming the style we see now.

But every piece of art needs time to be born. Gay had to move to the Bay Area to pursue an art career and develop skills such as graphic design, art directing, gallery exhibitions, and murals throughout the city. Actually, the works we see now were created by melting the perception of the culture of his homeland and the artist’s life experience.

“P.S. I LOVE YOU” Series

Palm Springs is a favorite Serge’s spot when it comes to vacation and pure relaxation. The artist wanted to create a kind of “love letter” to celebrate the charm of his beloved place. Gay used his own unique approach that shows Palm Springs in a way that only this man sees. In other words, it’s a pure fantasy version of a popular American city where orange and emerald green colors twist with the ’50s and ’60s culture elements.

Why “love letter” and why exactly these colors? The artist explained that most of his works have a bit of a dark vibe so he decided to create pure happiness. And, of course, a place where he can come to in order to get away from daily problems is the best inspiration spot.

There is an interesting painting called “End of an Era” where a lot of people are having fun at a pool party. Serge Gay Jr. finds the period of everyone’s life when people can just have fun with friends a whole era. And this era can pass by. “Those young party days don’t last forever. Although that doesn’t necessarily mean that the party is over”, he says. We suppose that the artist wanted to convey to people that they will never be as young as they are right now in this moment. We have to chase every second of our beautiful life and appreciate everything we have. Because it simply can pass by one day.

Serge Gay Jr. works with such popular clients as Ford, Team Detroit, Warner Music Group, Atlantic Records, Sony Music Entertainment, Electronic Arts (EA), Island Def Jam Records, Interscope Records, Japan Crate, and more.