Why Is It Important to Have Plants in Your Apartment?

There’s a lot of proved benefits of having plants at your home and besides being just about air purification, some of them will surprise you. In case you thought you wouldn’t be able to provide enough care for plants, consider having ZZ plant, Peace Lily, or succulents, those need less care. Now let’s proceed to the benefits.

They're beneficial for your mental health

Researches show that people with plants around them are happier than people who don’t have green thumbs. Green color by itself is relaxing for humans to look at, thus the benefit for your mood and overall feeling.

They're beneficial for your productivity

In case your productivity decreased and you’re not as prolific as before and need some boost, consider adding plants to the workplace. Your creativity and inspiration should improve if you have some green around you in your workplace.

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They're beneficial for your learning

The two benefits listed above lead to another one which is the improvement of your learning skills. By bringing more positive energy to your working space you’ll feel more comfortable and inclined to learning new things.

Flowers on the balcony are an important decoration of the city

Walking along the streets in summer, people often study with interest the balconies of high-rise buildings, entwined with greenery. Colorful buds and shiny shoots can decorate any ordinary building, transforming its appearance. Curly flowers (ivy, roses) are most suitable for landscaping loggias. Variegated flowers on the balcony and lush foliage make life a little happier, pleasing to the eye. Low-growing flower plants that look great in flower boxes are now popular with amateurs.

They clean the air

Plants have a significant impact on human life. Chlorophytum comosum is one such plant. This flower is very popular, its health benefits are undeniable. Besides, Сhlorophytum is very easy to dilute. The health of every person depends largely on air quality. Plants are beneficial in this case too. Chlorophytum removes benzene, formaldehyde, carbon monoxide, and xylene from the air. All of these VOCs enter our home through furniture, carpets, and common household products.

Green plants
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They moisturize the air

Houseplants are very important for health. About 10% of the air we breathe is humidified by plants. Plants such as cacti or succulents provide health benefits: they store water and therefore release little moisture.

They give a pleasant smell

The influence of indoor plants on humans is not limited to the fact that they are important for health. The benefit of indoor plants is that they can create a positive atmosphere. For example, in order to fill your home with a refreshing aroma, it is not necessary to use household chemicals. Better to start a plant with a pleasant smell – for example, Citrus hystrix. This chemical-free houseplant will not only help freshen up your home but is also indispensable in the kitchen.

They helps with insomnia

We don’t always get the recommended seven or eight hours of sleep – especially when the brain is busy with constant thoughts about what happened during the day and what needs to be done tomorrow. But the influence of indoor plants on humans is also manifested here. Some plant vapors – including lavender and jasmine – have been shown to promote restful sleep, according to research. The scent of these plants creates a sense of calmness that will help you better prepare for sleep.

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Indoor flowers cheer up and soothe; caring for them can be a meditative activity, and to just water them, you need at least distract yourself from gadgets or screens, get up and move a little. If you grow edible herbs or fruits, then your kitchen works partly according to the principle of “zero kilometers” – so the environment suffers a little less. Houseplants are known to reduce psychological and physiological stress and help people feel happier. And even if they do not purify the air and do not add oxygen, they look great on Instagram and allow you to change the appearance of the room at no special cost.

Anastasia Fetter

Anastasia Fetter