Why Solid Shampoos Are So Awesome and You Should Get One Right Now

As humans are becoming more eco-friendly new beauty products appear on the market. While solid shampoo may seem like the youngest addition to your beauty routine, it’s actually one of the oldest ones. How so? Well, it turns out that liquid shampoos in plastic bottles are relatively new – they became popular only in the late ‘40s. You might have already guessed that before that people were using something different to wash their hair – simple old soap!

Solid shampoos are taking us back to that eco-friendly approach with natural packaging, no plastic and easy-to-use consistency. But solid shampoos aren’t just handy – most of the new organic formulas are purely natural, containing butters and essential oils for fragrance. So, are they worth it?

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You save money

My answer is – definitely worth every penny! First and foremost, you get what you buy. While bottled shampoo formulas are heavily diluted with water, a bar of solid shampoo is just that – all the components and ingredients listed on the back of the package. You don’t buy extra plastic and you don’t buy the water in the shampoo. It’s a win-win! Because of that solid shampoos last longer as you actually need a very small amount of the shampoo for one use.

It’s more comfortable to use

You use solid shampoo just like you would use a bar of soap – it gets foamy quite easily and you simply take as much of the shampoo as you need. You don’t have to squeeze the bottle and be careful with the dosage because with solid shampoo you can easily control how much of it to apply.

It’s all-natural

Modern solid shampoo brands are doing their best to combine natural oils, butters, and essential oil fragrances to create all-natural organic formulas. Usually, one hair-wash is enough to feel the difference! Because there is no water in this type of shampoo, there is no need to add all those preservatives and chemicals to the mix. This is one of the biggest benefits of solid shampoos!

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It’s environmentally friendly

We live in the time when plastic consumption has reached its height, so it’s a good idea to try and find ways to lessen it even just a little bit. Using soap bars and solid shampoos is one of the best ways to help yourself and the environment! Most of modern solid shampoo brands use recyclable packaging and you’ll find that it feels much better than plastic.

It’s amazing for travelling

Bottles of shampoo are a real nightmare when you pass the airport security. If the bottle is too big you’ll have to throw out the whole thing! Solid shampoo is way better and you can also use it as soap to wash your hands and body if you want to travel extra light. Because of the natural ingredients used in a solid shampoo bar it’s perfectly safe for your skin and will not make it dry compared to most mass-market soaps.

Ivanna Y

Ivanna Y