Why You Need To Start Exfoliating Your Scalp Right Now

We’ve all heard about body scrubs and some of you are probably using various exfoliating products to remove your body’s dead skin cells from time to time. But what about hair? Our scalp needs exfoliation just as much as the rest of our body, maybe even more! It turns out that regular exfoliation is the key to healthy hair and scalp, and here’s why.

If you’ve never exfoliated your scalp and you tend to use lots of hair products, chances are that the skin on your head isn’t feeling too well. You might be experiencing itchiness, extra oiliness, dandruff, and your scalp might have become overly sensitive – to the point that it actually hurts! When we don’t exfoliate our scalp, our hair becomes dull and lacklustre, there’s flaky skin and clogged follicles that prevent our hair from growing. Sounds familiar?

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What is scalp exfoliation?

Scalp exfoliation is like any other type of exfoliation – it removes dead skin cells from your scalp, as well as remnants of hair products and other harmful debris. You’d be surprised just how much stuff gets stuck on our scalp! When it is clean, our sebum takes care of everything in a very natural and non-intrusive way. It keeps our hair shiny and moisturized not only at the roots, but across the whole hair length as well.

Why is scalp exfoliation important?

By now you’ve probably already understood that scalp exfoliation is a magical thing that will keep your hair beautiful, healthy, and shiny. It removes buildup, helping our hair to grow freely in a healthy and natural way. It also improves hair growth by removing dead skin cells and making way for new ones. Scalp exfoliation also helps prevent dandruff, so if you’re experiencing unpleasant symptoms like that it’s a good idea to try using a scalp scrub first.

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How often do you do it?

It all depends on your hair type, but in general once or twice a month should be enough. Some people like to exfoliate their scalp once a week as they feel it’s keeping their hair fresh and healthy. If you’re using lots of hair products then you should probably do it a little bit more often. Still, it’s important not to exfoliate your hair too much as this may ruin your scalp’s pH balance.

How exactly do you exfoliate your scalp?

There are a few ways you can exfoliate your scalp and you will find lots of scalp scrubs on the market. Mostly there are two kinds – the ones that use chemicals to exfoliate your scalp and actual scrubs with small particles that do all the magic. We like scalp scrubs that are created from natural ingredients like sea salt, charcoal, and coffee. They are very gentle and often contain organic ingredients that are good for your hair health in general. Be extra gentle when exfoliating your hair! It is also a good idea to prepare your very own scalp scrub at home.

Ivanna Y

Ivanna Y