Why You Should Drink Matcha First Thing in the Morning

If you’re into healthy drinks or simply like to start your morning with something other than coffee, then matcha is your new best friend. While you may want to drink warm water as you just wake up, and maybe sprinkle it with some lemon juice for the best detox effect, after that your body needs something healthy and rejuvenating to start the day. Matcha is better than most teas you’ve ever tried and here’s why.

Matcha is basically green tea, but it’s grown and fermented in a different way. Actually, it doesn’t get fermented that much! Depending on the type of matcha, tea leaves are harvested pretty early, so they don’t grow too long. Before the harvesting is performed farmers cover the plants to protect them from the sun – this way they contain more chlorophyll than any other type of green tea. After the tea leaves dry properly, they get ground into a thick powder that looks so good in matcha lattes or on its own. Some types of matcha have darker or brighter colour, depending on the growing method. So, what’s with all the matcha craze that’s been happening during the last decade?

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Well, it turns out matcha is packed with goodies even more than the usual green tea. You probably know that matcha contains lots catechins - antioxidants that are extremely good at protecting your cells from all kinds of harmful influences broth from outside and inside, all the while boosting your entire immune system. It is also known to improve liver function by flushing out toxins and remnants of unprocessed medicines. Matcha also contains high levels of caffeine – higher than most types of green tea. Of course, coffee is still number one when it comes to caffeine, but if you’re looking to get a little energy boost in the morning without drinking it, matcha will definitely help you with that in a very subtle and healthy way.

Preparing matcha is relatively easy – all you need is hot water and one teaspoon of that delicious matcha powder, depending on how strong you want your drink to be. The only trick is properly mixing it until the foam appears – you can do that with a special bamboo whisk or a milk frother. You can then mix matcha with milk to create yummy matcha latte and even add it to ice cream and desserts.

Ivanna Y

Ivanna Y