Usually we tend to overlook all those flowers and greens that have been labelled as ‘ordinary’. Well, just because they are growing in your backyard (and literally everywhere you go) doesn’t mean they’re not healthy for you! Dandelion may not be the most popular medicinal herb, but it’s definitely making a huge comeback. If you like herbal tea and love all things natural, then this yummy dandelion tea will become your new favourite. So, why is it so good for you?

Dandelion is a truly amazing plant because both its flowers and roots are incredibly healthy. This herb packs an incredible amount of vitamin A, has a bitter taste (which points to the fact that it’s good for your liver), and has high levels of potassium, zinc, and magnesium.

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Yes, all this in one itsy-bitsy herb that grows on your doorstep! It’s also packed with fibre, vitamins C, K, and E, which means it can become a great addition to your morning green smoothie or a yummy salad.

Dandelion root tea helps flush out toxins and it’s good to drink it when you’re experiencing bloating or fluid retention. This is a must-have tea for women on periods as it helps relieve the PMS symptoms as well. Women can start drinking it a little before the periods start – it will definitely help balance the whole system! Dandelion roots and flowers also contain lots of beta-carotene – a compound that is known to have a liver-protecting effect.

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To prepare a hot cup of dandelion tea you can either use dandelion leaves and flowers or the roots. Well, you can actually go ahead and mix both if you like! You’ll need two teaspoons of nicely chopped dandelion root to prepare a cup of tea. Just fill the mug with hot water and let the mix sit for around 10 minutes. Please mind that dandelion root should be roasted first! If you’re more into flowers, then go ahead and use around 8 flowers and/or leaves to make your cup of tea. Let them sit in a cup with hot water for 10-15 minutes, then take out the herbs and you’re good to go.