Have You Ever Seen a Floor Made Out of 7,500 Coins? Here It Is

Quarantine made us take up many different classes, hobbies and projects, especially DIY. If you’re tired of collecting jigsaw puzzles or crocheting – see what this artist has done!

Camias Designs’ Kelly Graham posted the result of her home-made  project. Once she saw Kat Von D’s floor made out of 29,928 pennies, she decided to try it out herself. It’s hard to believe but she’s spent five whole years to finish the project.

Image via Facebook

“I just finished my penny floor. It’s in my foyer,” reads the caption of her Facebook post, that has immediately gone viral. The complete mosaic consists of seven and a half thousand pennies, it took some sealant to get them all in place and five years of time.

“I first tried to work with coins 6 years ago. I already had some pennies and decided to make a whole floor out of them,” she explained in an interview.