You're Gonna Love These Fresh Tattoo Designs for Couples

Matching tattoos are a sweet and nice way to show your love and dedication to each other. But before booking a visit to tattoo studio, pick up the design that you both like first. We collected some examples for you below.

Heart-Shaped Tattoos for Couples

Looking for something simple? Heart shapes are always relevant and quite a universal to tell someone you love them.

Mountain Tattoos for Couples

Would you move mountains for your beloved? Yes? Then show it – offer your partner a nice mountain tattoo.

Birthday Tattoos for Couples

It is so cute to have your partner’s birthday tattooed on yourself. For example on your fingers – look how nice it is.

Pride Couple Tattoo

Is there anything more powerful than a lion and a lioness running a pride together? If you're feeling like a power couple - here's a perfect tattoo for you.

Moon and Sun Tattoos for Couples

Sun and moon, yin and yang, simply say – opposites attract. Two different forces of this world – you and your beloved must have these cute sun and moon tattoos.